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About Us

Beautician List promises beauty enthusiasts a unique way to shop for validated licensed beauty professionals and gives industry professionals an opportunity to be part of a lucrative online community. Our goal is to support licensed beauty professionals by providing a safe, easy-to-use website that unites them with beauty enthusiasts actively seeking cosmetic services.

As first-of-its kind online directory, we also educate beauty enthusiasts about the dangers associated with professionals and salons that do not maintain proper health standards, exposing unsafe practices and further encouraging the use of vetted, licensed professionals. We aim to answer any questions pertaining to beauty care and services by providing accurate information on what to expect from a proper cosmetic service, disinfection procedures and specific state board rules.


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Letter from the Founder

Dasha Minina

Four years ago, while sitting in class for my nail technician license at the Christine Valmy School of Beauty, the idea for BeauticianList struck me like a bolt of lightning. At that time, I was working on launching my first company, Maxus Nails, a premier boutique nail-treatment line, and I vividly recall the moment that inspiration struck.

At the time, my instructor, Betsey Chevalier -- who I can proudly say now sits on BeauticianList’s Advisory Board -- said that after every single pedicure, the nail tech must run a disinfectant through the system. Otherwise, once they turn on the jets, the water from the previous client mixes with yours, which is precisely how fungus gets passed around. After hearing the hygienic processes and procedures required for creating a sanitary environment, I realized that over the past 15 years of going to high-end and not-so-high-end nail salons -- and even enjoying the results most of the time -- I had never received a proper pedicure.

I immediately experienced a mixture of shock, disgust, anger, and bewilderment. I realized I had to do something, and that was when I came up with the idea for BeauticianList -- the first online platform to serve as a reliable resource for both beauty enthusiasts and certified beauticians. Clearly, the industry is not being regulated enough. Quite frankly, the states have insufficient funding to be able to hold salons, and the beauticians they employ, accountable to uphold the rules and regulations.

Looking around the room that day, I knew there were professionals who possessed deep knowledge and passion, but they just didn’t have the right platform for marketing themselves. After consulting with several of my friends, I decided to embark on the journey to close the gap between expertise and expectations. My hope for the beauty industry -- and for you, my fellow beauty afficianados-- is that BeauticianList will keep the profession licensed and transparent, and, most importantly, prevent harm or injury to unsuspecting consumers. Knowledge is power. May BeauticianList help empower you.

In health and happiness,

Dasha Minina, Founder, BeauticianList